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Stop devaluing your Content

Speed of your website can either increment or decrement the value provided by your content. Read on to find out how your content is not wasted.
A snail crawling

It is well known that the best way to create loyalists from your customers is by delivering them valuable content. Content which will enhance their work/life style. Website owners spend a lot of effort in days if not months to create the best possible content.

Once the content is created, it is for delivery system such as websites to multiply the value when finally delivering to the customer. Common mathematics defines that this multiplication effect can either enhance or devalue the content. The multipliers are based off multiple aspects of searchability, accessibility and the speediness of delivery / peformance of the website.

There are tools including Lighthouse from Chrome, CrUX dashboard  which can be used to score these (non-functional) aspects in a standard manner.

SiteGauge.io crawls your website to determine all the pages in your website, and then evaluates each of your pages with the tools. It then provides you a comprehensive report of the failures / bottlenecks and details about the pages which are affected by the bottleneck. The report then wraps up with recommendations on how to solve the failures along with our contact information if you would like customized recommendations.

This is the start of SiteGauge.io, and so our focus is on enhancing the performance of the website / apparent speediness of your web site. Stay tuned for the other aspects to come soon. In the mean time, do try out SiteGauge.io and take the step to enhancing customer experiences for your customers.

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