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Hello SiteGauge.io

SiteGauge.io has been founded to provide Insights for WebSites. Insights are focussed on performance, accessibility, best practices ratings as well as SEO ratings and benchmarks for your web pages
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Websites are the front doors for the customers of our brands, platforms as well as our products. It holds the sacred role and defines the thin line between a buy or a no-buy decision for customers.

But maintaining websites to ensure that visitors are provided a better experience than the competitor is not the simplest of jobs. The job needs to focus on the functional aspect of creating content useful to customers, along with the non-functional aspects of delivering it in a speedy, accessible manner, with best practices applied. Peak scoring of all these facets is what provides a superior experience to customers.

SiteGauge.io has been founded to help in delivering a superior experience to your website visitors by focussing on the non-functional aspects of owning the website.

SiteGauge.io brings together tools available across the internet, to generate a Report filled with Insights customized for your website. The Insights are initially focussed on performance score ratings and benchmarks for your web pages.

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