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Modern Tools for the Digital Content Creator

A large number of tools exist to benchmark website page speeds. This post delves into the use of each and how website owners can benefit.
Tools for the modern World
Tools maketh Happy Users
What tools does a Website Owner have to check and maintain the speed of their web pages?

This is a question which our team often hears and so we include the answer to this as a part of our #knowledgeseries .

Tools to test out website / page speeds are many, but can be broadly classified into:

  • Testing Tools
  • Reporting Tools

Testing tools focus on creating a replica of the environment in a lab kind of infrastructure. Once setup, multiple tests such as stress test, throughput test, etc. are performed to ensure there is no breakage in the system and the system can support the load expectations and guarantee the SLA requirements. This is primarily done by Developers of the Software, not by Content Creators. So in most cases the CMS  / Publishing Software manufacturers ensure this SLA compliance to the load. There are well known tools such as JMeter, VSTS, etc. which come under this category. Content Creators dont need to worry about the general performance of the softwares, and so need not worry about these tools other than get assurances from their software / hosting provider that such tests have been performed.

Reporting Tools - Content Creators on the other hand, need to ensure that their content loads quickly and efficiently, so that customers do not bounce from their websites due to slowness. And this is the bigger problem many website owners struggle with. Reporting Tools help in countering this problem. Reporting tools include

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • SiteGauge.io
  • CrUX (Chrome User Experience Report)
  • UnWrangl.in

PageSpeed Insights is similar to the Google Chrome's LightHouse feature (https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse) except that it is focussed on Page Speed Aspect.

SiteGauge.io is the tool we utilize and maintain. It works by

  • Crawling your website, just like any other good Search Engine Crawler.
  • Identifying all the pages which are a part of the website
  • Capturing all the points for optimization by scores.
  • Summarizing and breaking the optimizations based on the highest ROI of implementing those optimizations. This is based on frequency of the error.

CrUX is a database of anonymously collected Website Page Loading information by consented participants. This is published on a monthly basis for the previous month, and allows website owners to check history of their page speeds for their websites. (Read our post on this database).

UnWrangl.in is another tool in our portfolio. It is an active alerting tool. It enhances the website by monitoring page load and other interactions of the users. When users face slowness in loading resources such as CSS / JavaScripts / Images and / AJAX requests UnWrangl.in can notify your team. We are inviting users for our Beta, so if page load speed is important to your customers, sign up for the invite


At SiteGauge.io we are very focussed on helping website owners enhance the loading speed aspect of their websites. If you have more questions about this report or anything related to speeding up your pages, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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