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How did your website rank ?

Did you know that search engines maintain Report Cards for websites? An important factor being speed of the website. Know more.
Report Card for your website
Speed of websites factors in it's Ranking

Some browsers collect anonymized information about page loads from signed up participants. This information is then made available for website owners to query on a Google Big Query Project. Many website owners have benefited from this respository and optimized the experiences delivered to their website visitors. (Hint: You should too!).

How you could utilize it:

There are two ways to view and comprehend this data.

  • If you love SQL and databases, the raw data can be queried easily using the Google Big Query project. (Read more about it here https://web.dev/chrome-ux-report-bigquery/).
  • For the persons who prefer GUI and graphs, a Google Data Studio template is available. This template can be used to derive the inputs that you need. (Check https://g.co/chromeuxdash ).

The Problem: This CrUX database is updated monthly with the previous month's data. And can only help you visualize problems that your users faced in the past. Your ability to take actions to rectify the problem is limited.

The Solution: This is where UnWrangl.in comes in. Rather than identifying slowness users faced in a previous month, UnWrangl.in works on identifying such anomalies in time. This revolutionary product utilizes modern browser features with the right amount of nerdiness to achieve this. It's alerting capabilities ensures that you are notified in-time thus empowering you to perform swift rectification.

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At SiteGauge.io we are very focussed on helping website owners enhance the speed quotient of their websites. If you have more questions about this report or anything related to speeding up your pages, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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